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Personal Pet Pal, L.L.C.
Dana Swanson
1609 Chelsea Circle
Howell, MI 48843
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    Personal Pet Pal L.L.C.


    Initial meet and greet consultation
    All visits/sits/walks and overnights include the following
    Pet ID tags
    Extended Visits 60 minutes per visit
    Vacation Visits/Sits 20 minute visits
    Daily Dog Walking 20 minutes
    Value Visits
    20 minutes for cats, kittens or puppies only
    Drop Ins 10 minutes or less
    Overnights 10 - 12 hour stays
    Daily Videos Daily, weekly or monthly
    Pet Taxi Service
    Holiday Care
    Initial meet and greet consultation:

    *Typically this free consultation is where we meet with you and your pets. This visit will last approximately 30 to 60 minutes while we will familiarize ourselves with you and your pets, your home and routines. We take precise notes and ask a lot of questions and answer as many as well. We will complete the paperwork (client package), tour your home and receive detailed instructions for the best possible care of your pets…..your pets will receive the “personal” touch and not even know you are gone! ~that is our goal anyhow~

    We also will receive 2 sets of keys and receive payment for our new clients. After you have an established an account with us, payments can be determined by service(s) rendered, frequency and or needs of service. (i.e.: daily, weekly, monthly).

    Please note that the required meet and greet consultation typically requires at least 72 hours prior to service.

    *If you require a meet & greet and/or service within 72 hours of the initial contact, there will be a $30.00 late booking fee.

    All visits/sits/walks and overnights include the following:
    (except Drop-ins due to time)

    Food and fresh water for all of your pets, including washing out pet bowls

    Play and or walk time

    Scooping liter boxes and or picking up waste from outdoors

    ID tag on collar with contact information
    Administer vitamins/medication (when required)

    Bring in mail, newspapers and packages

    Water indoor plants

    Place garbage and recycling out for collection & collect bins

    Rotate blinds

    Alternate lights

    Alternate radio and or Television

    Daily journal

    Daily videos either sent to you or posted on the web (optional)

    Lots of love, fun, attention, praise and affection

    Personal Pet Pal, L.L.C. Custom Tags

    To insure the safety and well being of your pets, while under Personal Pet Pal, L.L.C. care we will provide our own custom made tag that will be clipped onto your dog/cats collar.

    Each custom tag will have our contact information and a numbered code that is assigned to your pets only. In the event that your pet(s) were to get loose, jump a fence/crawl under, etc. your pet will have another form of contact information for their safe return.

    With the numbered code we can easily identify your pet in the case that they are loose and Personal Pet Pal, L.L.C. will help expedite their return home safely, if contacted with the pet ID number.

    There are no charges for this valuable service. We also will leave the Pet Tag affixed to their collar indefinitely if you desire in the event that your pet is an escape artist or happens to get loose while in your care.

    Extended Visits 60 minutes per visit

    This type of visit is typically best for multiple pet households, 3 or more. Or perhaps those pets in need of more attention with extra play and or walk time, personal attention time, those with special needs and or diets. Also great for extra long play time, walks or short trips to the park. Some pets while their owners are gone need more affection and tender care then a 20-minute personal session can bring them. If that is your case, Extended Visits may be the right choice for you. If you choose Extended Visits for your pets please note that we requires at least 2 visits within a 24 hour period for dogs.

    Regular Visits/Sits - 20 minute visits

    This is our most popular choice by far. Here you can tailor your pets needs for how many visits they require while you are gone (please note dogs require at least 2 visits within a 24 hour period, if not more, depending on your dogs age/needs). In this 20-minute time frame we can feed, water, walk and play with your pet as well as the services provided with all our pet visits/sits. Also we will scoop out the liter box(s) and or your dogs waste in the yard or while on a walk. Please note that more then 3 pets (unless all cats) will most likely need either the extended visits or the 3 Regular Visits per day, as your pets will not get personal attention they need.

    Dog Walking - 20 minutes

    We will walk your dog(s) on their leash in your neighborhood or at the local Pet Park. Do you find that your busy work schedule, unexpected appointments, meeting or conference calls keep you away from your dog(s)? Or perhaps a meeting that you attended lasted longer then you expected and your dog(s) cannot possibly last another 30 minutes without leaving you a “present” waiting for your return? Maybe it is your lifestyle or your families that may prevent you from keeping your dog(s) walked and exercised when they need to be during the day? We not only can help but we would LOVE to help! You will come home to a more relaxed, stress free and happy pet with their tails wagging, excited to see you! Not the tail between their legs knowing that they both had an accident and knowing that you will not be happy with them. We can prevent that from happening.

    Value Visits - 20 minutes for cats, kittens or puppies only

    Do you have a new puppy, a new kitten or perhaps a cat or two? Maybe you have a dog that is older or needs a few more quick visits to tend too, administer medication or more frequent potty breaks or shorter walks? Or you are a dog-less home that only has a cat (or other small pets, fish, birds and or pocket pet?) that simply are in need of short visits to feed, water, scoop liter, etc…? Or perhaps you have a pet-less home but would like some one to take care of your home while you are away to make your home appear to be lived in, i.e. newspapers, mail and packages brought in, garbage, recycled bins be taken out & brought in, blinds, lights and TV or radio be alerted? Then this type of service is tailored for your pets and or your needs.

    Drop Ins - 10 minutes or less

    Did you forget to turn off the sprinkler, close the windows, garage door or gate? Or maybe you need an emergency drop in to make sure your pipes or water heater have not burst? Perhaps you would like us to let in the plumber, electrician, cleaning personal or the like? We can make sure your water will be running at a slim stream in case of dangerous freezes? Or turn up your heat or air-condition for you to return to a comfortable home? There are many tasks we can perform with a Drop In if need be. The comfort, security and your peace of mind are priceless when you are away. We can also call stop in to call the plumber, electrician, sprinkler service, snow removal service or lawn service or whomever you need to service your home while you are away or for your return. (Provided you have listed your service contractor’s so that we know whom to contact for service).

    Overnights - 10 - 12 hour stays

    This customized service will allow your pets to enjoy the Personal touch that we provide throughout the entire evening.
    We will arrive at your home at approximately 7:30 to 9:00 p.m. and spend the night, 10 -12 hours with your pets ensuring they are the center of attention and have plenty of playtimes, walks and attention. The first and last 30 minutes will be a let out, walk or playtime. We also include in the overnights all of our regular services such as listed in our “All visits/sits/overnights include the following: (except drop ins). All love, hugs, fun, praises and kisses are free of charge!

    Daily Videos Daily, weekly or monthly

    This is how our pet owners stay in touch with their pets; it is the cutting edge in Pet Sitting that we launched. With our videos you will see your pets say hello to you, wave, play and show you how happy they are that you did not place them in a kennel. We offer a short daily (weekly or monthly) video to either your cell phone or online so that you can see how wonderful, happy and content your pets are doing. This is a short customized video that we will text message you to your phone or you can upload to your email account. Here you will see that your pets are loving life and are happy at home.
    This service has also proven to be a great asset. When your pet is not feeling well we can send a video of them and their symptoms, if we can catch it on the video so that you may decide on the best treatment plan. (Please understand that if there is a serious issue or medical emergency we will NOT wait for you to respond but to take your pet to your/our vet as describe in the Veterinary Release.)

    Pet Taxi Service

    Do you have to take your pet to the Airport, Grandma’s house, your groomer or veterinary office while you are at work, have plans, emergencies arise or you are out of town? We can help!
    We offer either one-way Pet Taxi Service or stay and waits with your pets. We will make sure that your pets arrive on time for their appointment or flight. And most of all make sure they are in good hands!

    Holiday Care

    Because the Holidays are filled with so much “hustle and bustle” we need as much advanced notice as humanly possibly to ensure that you have your dates reserved with us as we reserve & schedule our Holidays very quickly. For any of the following Holidays a 50% deposit will be required at the time of your reservation, any Holiday Care reservation that is canceled 14 days prior to service will not be refunded. Please see our cancellation policy for details. The following Holidays are observed by Personal Pet Pal, LLC: New Year's Eve and Day, Martin Luther King Day, President's Day, Easter Weekend, Memorial Day Weekend, 4th of July Weekend, Labor Day Weekend, Thanksgiving Weekend (Thurs - Sun), Christmas Week (December 23 - 30)


    Personal Pet Pal L.L.C.

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