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MA Pet Sitting Service
Nancy Accinno
P.O. Box 281
Seekonk, MA 02771
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    Sit! Stay. Relax...


    Dog Walking

    Active Adolescent Dog Walking
    This service is our ultimate daily dog walking program. Regular exercise is essential to maintaining your dog's ideal weight and health. Our mid-day service lasts 30 minutes and includes an outdoor low impact cardio session with potty "pit stops" as needed, lots of fun and fresh air, as well as food, water and treats upon return.

    Pampered Puppy Visits
    In the early stages of life, your precious puppy needs extra attention. Our Pampered Puppy program is a 30 minute visit that includes everything your precious puppy needs: a walk and potty break, clean up of any "accidents," play time, and food/water refills. As a proud new pet parent, you decide whatever else your puppy needs. (e.g. special treat, music/television adjustments, reinforcement of basic obedience commands, etc.)

    Special Senior Dog Walking
    Give your long time companion the attention and pampering he or she deserves! Our 30 minute visit includes a leisurely walk with potty "pit stops" as necessary, assistance with stairs, food and water refills, favorite treats/toys, music/TV adjustments and a post walk massage (designed especially for seniors) to keep those limbs nimble.



    Pet Sitting    
    Quick Pet Checks / Doggie Relief Breaks
    This service is best suited for animals needing minimal care and pet parents who are on a budget. This service allows us enough time to let your dogs out for a quick outdoor potty break, check on other indoor pets, and refresh food and water. This service is also ideal for older dogs who need frequent potty breaks throughout the day.
    30 minute visit
    This is a popular choice for your typical pet care needs. The basics include lots of love and attention, potty break, food/water refills and basic pet waste management (i.e. litter pan scooping and quick outdoor cleanups). We'll also leave a note letting you know about our visit. We will custom tailor every visit to suit your needs. For example, if you need us to bring in your mail, water your plants, adjust your blinds, or start up and move vehicles, just ask! 

    45 minute visit
    When you have a multi-pet household or just a few pets who need more personalized attention, this is your best option. We'll take care of all the basics (as stated above) and devote the rest of our time to anything else you request, such as a special meal preparation, brushing, walking and extra playtime.


    60 minute visit
    This extended visit is best for pets who need extra pampering, playtime or companionship.  We'll take care of all the basics (as stated above) and devote the rest of our time to additional pet-related or basic household requests. Some basic household requests include waiting for service personnel or accepting a package.

    Overnight "in your home" visits
    This service is great for highly anxious pets who would feel much more relaxed with a friendly face in their own home overnight. This service is also suitable for animals who need medication late at night and early in the morning. A value added benefit of this service includes increased home security. 
    (Our overnight services are limited, so please book early! )
      $100 - Weeknights
    Farm/Horse Stable Care    

    30 minute visit
    Our basic farm/horse stable service includes grain/hay, treats, fresh water, stall mucking and blanket adjustments/swaps. 


    45 minute visit
    In addition to the basics stated above, and depending on the number of horses or barnyard animals you have, we can add turnout, scrubbing buckets, grooming and special meal preparation (e.g. bran mashes).


    60 minute visit
    This extended visit is best for multiple animals or extra special requests. Let us know how you want us to spend our time. We can even make appointments with the vet or farrier and wait with your animal while services are rendered.

    Pet Taxi    

    One way pick up or drop off
    (Within a 5 mile radius)

    Round trip service
    (Within a 10 mile radius)
    Each additional mile   $1
    Pet escort service
    (We wait with your pet while services are rendered.)
      $20 per hour

    Small Animal Massage

    Cats and dogs up to 50 pounds
    Dogs over 50 pounds
    Instructional Session
    (Learn the basics so that you can massage your own dog and cat.)
    Personal Shopping / Errand Service    

    We charge in 30 minute increments. 
    (Cost for merchandise purchased is your responsibility.)

      $15 per half hour
    Pet Waste Management    

    Litter box overhaul service
    This service includes emptying, scrubbing and disinfecting the litter box with a non-toxic and environmentally friendly cleaner. We then refill the box with your brand of fresh litter. 

      $10/litter box

    Pet waste yard clean up
    Our weekly yard waste management program starts as low as $10/visit when you sign up for our twice weekly service.


    1-2 dogs

    3 dogs

    4 dogs

    5+ dogs

    2X’s/week $10 per visit $12 $14 $2 per additional dog





    $2 per additional dog

    All new customers are subject to an initial cleaning fee depending on the condition of your yard.

      See chart

    One time or initial clean ups
    Spring, fall, pasture or special occasion clean ups are charged by the hour. Call us for a free quote. (We bill in 15 minute increments after 1 hour.)


    Sit! Stay. Relax...

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