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4/8/2008 - Posted by:
A Pet's Best Friend
Phone: 303-439-7896
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    .Copyright 2003, Melissa Kauffman

    ”With both of us working, it can be tough at times to get home for midday walks and bathroom breaks.  A Pet's Best Friend gives us peace of mind and comfort knowing that Guinness and Eva are getting quality care and loving attention. We continue to trust their lives and care to A Pet's Best Friend.”

    - Carol and Bill Bowman, 
    with "Eva" and "Guinness".
    Clients since 3-21-00



    "From the initial visit, Melissa was very thorough in making sure she has all the necessary information in order to provide excellent care for Jack. Her pet sitting team does an amazing job! Most importantly, they are extremely reliable and certainly take the time to make sure our cat has lots of "loving" time. Overall, our experience has been reliable service from people who truly love to be around our cat - it was a combination we couldn't find elsewhere and is why we continue to use A Pet's Best Friend."

    Randy and Brooke Brogle, with "Jack".
    Clients since 6-6-00

    Copyright 2003, Melissa Kauffman

    Copyright 2003, Melissa Kauffman


    "I have used a Pet's Best Friend  many years now .  I find that they are very dependable and trustworthy, and provide very gentle and loving care for my little buddy, Mocha.  I would highly recommend their services to anyone who wants the BEST for their pets."

     - Joanie Steele, with "Mocha".
    Client since 7-15-98

    "For many years, I've trusted A Pet's Best Friend to provide the love, attention and care Mathilde and Beaureguard deserve. They deliver their services with professional commitment to personal care of my pets."

    - David Novick, 
    with 'Mathilde" and "Beaureguard".
    Client since 1-29-02

    Copyright 2003, Melissa Kauffman





    Copyright 2003, Melissa Kauffman


    "A Pets Best friend has provided services to our family for many years.  Our dog, Thor, enjoys his daily visits and walks.  We enjoy knowing our pet will have the best care. His sitters are dependable and they can be flexible if our business requirements change. They have demonstrated good judgment and discipline at handling tough situations that may occur."

    - John and Karen Stolz, 
    with "Thor".
    Clients since 6-15-00



    "A Pet's Best Friend was recommended to me by three different veterinarians! I've used them for midday and overnight visits because they are professional and conscientious. It's obvious that Melissa and her pet sitters love animals and are genuinely concerned about providing quality pet care. We couldn't be happier with A Pet's Best Friend!"

    - Rhoda Owen, with "Dixie" and "Winston"
    Client since 12-4-02

    Copyright 2003, Melissa Kauffman


    Copyright 2003, Melissa Kauffman


    "A Pet's Best Friend is the best pet sitting service I've experienced through living in three different states! A Pet's Best Friend takes care of my house as well as my cats! When the sitter found a note on my porch about burglary problems in the neighborhood, she changed the lights and the blinds for me and let me know of the memo.  What a professional service!"

    Christine White, with "Kanga"
    ("Trouble" not pictured)
    Client since 8-22-01


    "The  pet sitters who take care of  Luc and Seven  for their midday walks and overnight stays are extremely kind, fun, and friendly, but most of all reliable. I can see how much both dogs enjoy their time with the sitters. It is so good to know that when we are not home that Luc and Seven are given the kind of care that we give them.

    Samantha Hoffman, with "Luc" and "Seven".
    Client since 5-26-03

    Copyright 2003, Melissa Kauffman

    Copyright 2003, Melissa Kauffman


    "We chose A Pet's Best Friend initially because they were the only local
    pet sitters who were willing to administer pills to our cat, Bonnie. When I asked Melissa if she could administer daily fluids via needle to Bonnie she said "No problem," which is generally her response to all of our requests. Now Bonnie can stay in the comfort of her own home and get all the attention she wants, and we can enjoy our vacations with no worries"

    -  Kathleen Briscoe & Alan Thompson,
    with "Bonnie".
    Client since 11-3-97


    "When A Pet's Best Friend started coming to my house for a midday visit while I'm away at work, I knew that  this was really a special company. Each day, the pet sitter leaves a note about the visit about what happens and how my little dogs are.   It's so reassuring to know that my two little ones are in competent, loving hands. Always meeting my needs and often going beyond the call of duty, Melissa has been very professional and cordial."

    - Polly S. Brown, Ph.D., 
    with "Sparky" and "Beauty".
    Client since 7-25-01


    Copyright 2003, Melissa Kauffman

    All Photography by Melissa Kauffman
    © 2003, All Rights Reserved
    Use of images strictly forbidden without consent.

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