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MN Pet Sitting Service
Grace Jaeger
4816 W 82nd St
Bloomington, MN 55437
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    Cat Watchers™


    Cat Watchers™ function is to allow your cats the comfort of staying home when their humans need to be away.  Most of the following policies are aimed at helping your cats be as safe and as stress-free as possible in your absence.  Of course some of the policies are to enable us to function more efficiently, which ultimately will result in better service for both human and feline clients.
    With that end in mind, the following information is provided to clarify how Cat Watchers™ operates, what the procedures are and what is expected of our clients.  It is as inclusive as possible and always subject to change.   Cat Watchers™ clients are asked to read and agree to these policies prior to scheduling service.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.
    §         Scheduling and Confirming Visits
    §         Complimentary Introductory Visit & Deposit
    §         Key Procedures
    §         Cancellation Policy
    §         Holiday Surcharge
    §         Payment Terms
    §         Other Charges
    §         Notification of Client's Return
    §         Veterinary Care
    §         Litterbox Maintenance
    §         Hairballs and Throw Up
    §         Hidey Cats
    §         Company For Your Cats
    §         Outdoor Access
    §         Weather Alerts
    §         Others With Access To Your Home
    §         Job Sharing
    §         Keeping Current
    §         Additional Indoor Services
    §         Outdoor Services

    Cat Watchers™

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