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NC Pet Sitting Service
April Remson
4958 Pinewood Drive
Hope Mills, NC 28348
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    Petsitters Plus "a whole lot more"

    About me:

    My name is April Remson, owner of Petsitters Plus "a whole lot more" and B.A.D. Behavioral Adjustment for Dogs.

    I first started my pet sitting business while working at a veterinarian's office in University Place, WA in 1998.

    After moving to Norwalk, CT (9/99 - 5/03) I decided to pursue a career as a professional pet sitter and I found it was perfect for my clients and myself. It not only gave me more time with the pets but it was a less stressful situation for them as well.

    There are many reasons why I feel this is a great fit for both the pet owner and the pet.

    An advantage to hiring a pet sitter is that your home is taken care of along with your pet. And as a professional pet sitter, I am insured which allows the owners to rest easy knowing that their belongings and those they hold dear are going to be cared for properly.

    Another reason I became a pet sitter was due to the pets coming in to be boarded and the impact it had on them. In some instances, regardless of them being up to date on their vaccines, their immune system could be compromised, due to stress, which leaves them vulnerable to illnesses which could otherwise be avoided.

    If, for some reason, one of your pets becomes ill, you have an experienced eye in your home for any situation that may arise. This knowledge has already saved the life of one of my furry clients in the past. I was able to detect the early warning signs of a stroke and I quickly called the veterinarian's office to let them know of my impending arrival as I was on my way to the clinic. With my ability to spot the signs of her stroke, it allowed enough time for the veterinarian to perform the life saving work to ensure her return to her home upon recovering from surgery.

    To prevent your pets from reacting to your absence, I strictly adhere to your normal routine as to not create further heartache with you being gone. I spend an average of 45 - 60 minutes per visit to ensure that all is well in your home and also granting each of your pets their own quality time.

    As far as my pet sitting services, I charge one flat rate of $15.00 per visit and service Hope Mills, Fayetteville, Fort Bragg/Pope AFB and surrounding areas. I do not charge extra to administer medications or for "large families." The flat rate also applies to pick ups or drop offs for transports, dog walking (unless booked 5 days/week in which case you will receive a discount), and throughout the holiday season. I truly value every client I have and greatly enjoy the work that I do. I want to make it affordable for everyone to take advantage of my services so I charge accordingly.

    If my services would be of interest to you, or you would like further information please feel free to contact me via myspace, by email or phone 910-717-7474.

    What I do in my free time.....

    In addition to pet sitting, I also do behavorial correction specializing in aggression. I am a wildlife rehabilitator as permitted by the State of North Carolina, a wildlife transporter, and domestic animal transporter. I do a variety of rescue work and take my not-so-average pets around to educate the community on proper pet ownership.

    The pets in my home include 4 dogs, 3 cats, 2 Chilean Rose Tarantulas, 1 Curved Horn Baboon Tarantula, 1 Albino Burmese Python, and 1 Savannah Monitor. I may also have squirrel, rabbit, and/or opossum as part of my wildlife rehabilitation but on occassion will have to capture and care for raptors, fawn, and other federally protected wildlife until they have stabilized enough for me to transport them.

    As you can see, I am very involved with animals on all levels. If you ever have any questions regarding animals at all, feel free to contact me and I will do my best to help you or point you in the direction of someone who can. Being married to the military has its advantages which granted me the opportunity to network with great individuals all over this country and into others.

    Petsitters Plus "a whole lot more"

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