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FL Pet Sitting Service
Selba Gonzalez
pembroke pines, FL 33028
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    Flaca's Home Pet Sitting


    My only concern is to take care of your pet as if it was my own while you are away. Everything is done in a professional manner making your pets my #1 priority. Each owner will be given some documents to sign which gives permission for services, transportation release and other important matters, the day of consultation. Each service is due in full prior the service. Cash only due to past history of bounced checks. I will need a phone number and address of where you are traveling to in case of emergencies. Each pet will be taken cared for by following your daily routines. I work at a wonderful animal hospital where your pet will be taken to upon your approval, if any emergencies or sickness occurs. Each visit includes walking, feeding, medication administration, bring in mail, and water plants.  If you have multiple pets please understand that it takes longer to clean up and take care for more than one. There is only an extra multiple pet charge if more than two pets.

    All the details are below. Additional services are available. No overnight stays at your house available, however boarding at my home is available under some simple rules and requirements, call for details. If your pet needs medical attention overnight, with your permission he/she will be taken to the emergency animal hospital for care.
     $18 each visit (includes 2 pets of any kind) (20- 30 minutes)This includes to clean up any mess, feed, playtime, walk, and minor medications (vitamins, simple pilling, supplements).
    $2 additional per extra pet per each visit
    If your pet is on serious medications like insulin,fluid therapy, or treatment that takes more time and nursing care will be charged and extra fee for each day. Call with details on meds and price will be quoted at time of reservations.Travel charges already included in price.
    Overnight boarding at my home: $30 daily for one dog $50 for two.
    No cats! Dogs must current on Rabies and Bordetella vaccines and under 20 lbs. They need to be free of fleas and ticks and any other contagious medical conditions. Will be inspected on the first day. Only quiet, potty trained, friendly, and good with children dogs allowed. ( I have a baby and 2 young dogs at home and can not take any chancesof anyone getting hurt ). Everyone has to get along. I require a pre visit few days or weeks before reservations. You will bring your dog to my home and I will see if they all get along and pass. If for some reason I see that it may be a problem I have the right to turn your reservations down and am not responsible for any of the clients cancellations of their trip. It has to be safe.
    Birds, reptiles, and small animals $15 daily to clean cage and feed (if these are the only animals in the house to pet sit for there will only be one visit for this price. If there are other animals such as cats or dogs included, the charge for the exotics are seperate and will be per day $15 daily).
    Please be aware that if your pet has a habit of accidents in the house,the pet sitter will do her best to clean up but not responsible to damaged carpets or floors. Also she is not responsible to any damage period caused by your pet (including furniture, appliances, clothes ect). Remember that your pet will remain in his/her home till you get back.  Remember that your pet's well being and health is a concern for you and also for myself as the pet sitter. It is your responsibility to pet proof your house of your belongings and any danger to the pet.A waiver will be asked to be signed prior any visits. Pet sitter is not responsible for any burgulary, damages, or loss to your home The pet sitter will notify the Police Department if anything in your house looks out of the normal.
    Other services and fees:
    $5/ daily additional for holidays ( call for holiday details ) Price per day not per additional pets.
    $10 errand fee plus the cost of food or supplies if not enough is provided. Reimbursement is required with in 3 days of your return.
    $30  transportation fee and $10 additional for every hour after spent at the hospital waiting for your pet's care and safe return home. Also to be paid in full within 3 days of your return. Any vet bills requires a reimbursement in full within 3 days also, a credit card may be kept in file at your vets office or at the nearest emergency clinic for any medical treatment or emergencies. Or further options such as a written consent to use your credit card or pay by phone can be arranged with the animal hospital.
    Please note that the key will be kept by the pet sitter until reimbursements are in full. If payment was completed in full prior to you arriving then key will be given back to you the following day. Contract will explain everything in detail and needs to be signed.
    Nail trim: $5 each pet ( friendly pets only)
    Baths: $15-25 each dog, no cats please! (short haired and friendly only) towel dried only

    Flaca's Home Pet Sitting

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