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On the Go Pet Care
Keri Robinson
1365 Scott St. #5
San Francisco, CA 94115
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    On The Go Pet Care

    Services & Rates

    Dog Walking

    Group walks
    5 days/week 4 days/week 3 days/week
    $385/mo (1 dog) $345/mo (1 dog) $275/mo (1 dog)
    $605/mo (2 dogs) $510/mo (2 dogs) $395/mo (2 dogs)
    Walks average $17.98 per walk for 5 day/week subscription

    5 days/week 4 days/week 3 days/week
    $21/walk (1 dog) $22/walk (1 dog) $23/walk (1 dog)
    $31/walk(2 dogs) $32/walk (2 dogs) $33/walk (2 dogs)

    These walks are available Mon - Fri.
    We go out rain or shine and all holidays except for Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, Christmas Eve Day, New Years Day and New Years Eve Day. Months that include these days are discounted to compensate for the days we are closed to group dog walking.

    We have several groups that go out per day which occur between the hours of 11:30am and 2:30pm. Clients may state walk time preference but in general, must be flexible to the times stated above.

    $15/week. Applies to all puppies in group walks primarily, with some exceptions.

    We communicate progress with you and often take pics and video clips. We may use treats, praise and activity rewards as well as a clicker as part of our training.


    Payment & Canellation


    Payment Policy
    For all services we accept checks and cash. For pet sitting clients, we require payment within 10 days after the last date of service. For on-going group dog dog walking clients, we will bill you monthly on either the 1st of 15th each month. Subscription Plan clients are due immediately on either of those dates and Per Walk Plan clients have 10 days to pay. On-going solo dog walking clients are billed bi-weekly.

    Cancellation Policy
    For Pet Sitting:

    We require 3 days notice to cancel service with us. Should you cancel in less than 3 days, a percentage of the total amount owed will be due as outlined in your service contract.
    For Solo Dog Walks:
    Same as above.
    For Group Dog Walking:
    Subscription Plan group dog walk clients are required to give 24 hrs notice but will not receive a cancellation fee. Clients' dog(s)’ space will absolutely remain secure within the group for the month they have already paid for.
    Per Walk group dog walk clients are still required to give 24 hrs notice and will pay a $7/cancelled walk fee to hold their dog(s)' space within the group.



    Pet Sitting

    30 min. visit*: $20
    Additonal pet: $5 each
    Medications administered: $10/week*
    *Please note visits must be each day. We do offer sporatic visits for the safety of the pets.
    Half hour walk/visit $22
    1 hour walk/visit $27
    Additional dog $7/each
    Medications administered $10/week*
    *Pets with medical needs requiring visits two times per day can have one of the visits be 15 minutes at $16.

    Overnight stay*:
    $75, Regardless of number of pets you have. Occurs in your home approx 8pm-8am.

    $60, In our home(s). $7 per additional dog.
    (Sorry, we do not board cats).

    *All overnight & boarding dog clients must be ok with a sitter being accompanied by her own dog.

    Each pet sitting visit may contain:
    Pet Care
    30 min a.m. & 30 min p.m. dog walks
    (Mid day walks can also be booked but are not part of the overnights. Your dog may even be able to join in on a group walk!)
    Feeding and fresh water
    Loving care and attention
    Exercise and play
    Medications or vitamins
    Litter box attendance

    Home Care
    Collecting mail and newspaper
    Giving your home a “lived in” appearance by opening & closing blinds, turning on & off lights, etc.
    Taking out trash and recycling
    Watering plants
    Other minor household tasks

    We will keep a brief log of your pet’s behavior for you to enjoy when you return.

    We charge an additional $15 to all clients other than Suscription Plan clients for services booked on holidays & on holiday weekends, we charge a $15 flat fee regardless of whether client books the actual holiday. On Dec 24, 25, 31 and Jan 1, we charge double daily rate.

    All pet sitting services that fall on a Saturday or a Sunday will be charged an additional flat $10.00.

    *For all services, we request that your pets be current on all shots.




    Vet/Groomer/Boarder Visits
    We can transport your pet to the vet, groomer or boarding facility.
    Price ranges by the amount of time it takes us. Please contact us for details.
    You will need to provide an appropriate transportation carrier or supplies when applicable. You will also need to provide us with payment or arrange payment in advance or to be billed from your vet, groomer or boarding facility

    On The Go Pet Care

    Services & Rates

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