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Dog Walker/Pet Sitter for White Lake, Highland, Milford, Commerce, Clarkston, Davisburg - kennel alternative
Cathy Fitzgerald
3701 Applegrove
White Lake, MI 48383
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    Advanced Pet Sitting Services, LLC


    During a visit we will do some or all of the following at your request. There is no extra charge for multiple pets unless it takes longer than the normal visit time to take care of everything:

     Feed your pet and provide fresh water.

     Walk your pet around your neighborhood.

     Play or cuddle with your pet in your yard or home.

     Clean up any pet waste as needed.

     Brush your pet.

     Water your plants.

     Bring in your mail and/or newspaper.

     Check for pet accidents, & clean the pet areas of your home.

     Take out the garbage.

     Fill Kong or other treat toys.

     Perform a safety check of the house. Was the stove left on?

     Adjust the lights, window treatments, or any other crime deterrent measures requested.

     We will reinforce any training you are working on using the same techniques you do.

     Administer any needed medications.

     Perform any other miscellaneous requests.

    The following is a list of what typically takes place during various types of services:

     Daily Dog Walking - $14 to $15 per visit - These are 20 minute visits and can be scheduled anytime Monday through Friday between 10am and 4pm. We come to your house, check for any pet related accidents, and clean up if needed. We take them outside for a potty break and exercise. We check and fill their water and give them food or a treat (if requested). We then play with them giving lots of personal attention. If you are working on training, we will reinforce that training using the same techniques and words you do. Other things that may be done during a visit are bringing in the mail/packages, administering medication, or any other miscellaneous requests.


    Using our Daily Dog Walking service gives you peace of mind that your best friend gets the exercise and attention he needs every day. Scheduling afternoon visits on a regular basis helps to break up the monotony of a long day alone for your dog. He doesn't have to wait the whole day by himself for you to get home. A mid-day visit lets him look forward to play time, daily exercise, and a potty break. Having a pet is a full time job in itself and with your busy schedule you may not be able to provide all the care he requires to be a happy and healthy companion. You will come home to a more relaxed and content pet. Plus, you don't need to rush home right away after work or on your lunch break to make sure Fido gets out. You are free to stop on the way home from work do some shopping or run a errand.


    Puppy Care - (Same rate as daily dog walking) $14 to $15 per visit - These visits can be scheduled anytime Monday through Friday between 10am and 4pm. We come to your house, check for any pet related accidents, and clean up if needed. We will take them outside for exercise and a potty break. During the visit we will use the same training command words and techniques you use. Each day we will do a short 1 on 1 training session to reinforce the training you are currently working on with your puppy. We will reward his good behavior with praise and treats or a special toy. We give fresh water and food as requested and then give them lots of play time and personal attention. Other things that may be done during a visit are bringing in the mail/packages, administering medication, or any other miscellaneous requests.


    Puppies need to be let out more often then an adult dog. If left alone too long they may relieve themselves in your home or their crate which makes house breaking them much more difficult. They are also more prone to suffer from separation anxiety. This can encourage bad attention getting behavior like excessive barking/whining, jumping on you, and "marking their territory" inside your house. Once they learn to do these things it is very hard to correct them. Employing our Puppy Care service can help you avoid these common issues.


     Vacation / Out of town service - $16 per visit - This service is for any type of pets, including dogs, cats, birds, fish, small pets, and horses. There is no extra charge for multiple pets. We come to your house, feed, water, and exercise your pet(s). We do a safety check of the house and look for any pet related accidents, cleaning up if needed. We bring in the mail and paper, water plants, and adjust house lighting to give it a "lived in" look. If your pets are on medication we will administer those at the times needed.


    By letting your pet stay at home while you are gone you get a happier, healthier pet. Your pets avoid the stress of kennels: constant noise of other animals, cramped cages, possibly fearful car ride, and communicable diseases. Your pet gets personalized attention while staying in their own natural environment. You also save time and money. You don't have to drive to or from the kennel. With one pet the price is comparable to a kennel stay.  With multiple pets you actually save money and have a happier pet that doesn't have to be separated from his furry siblings.  


    If the out of town service is for dogs then the minimum number of visits is 3 per day. The average is 3-4 visits per day and depends on when you normally take the dog(s) out.


    If the out of town service is for cats the minimum is 1 visit per day. Includes daily litter box cleaning.


    Overnight stays - Please contact us for quote - Overnight stays are for the clients who wish to pamper their pets while they are on vacation or out of town. This service is also good for pets who need extra attention or medical care whether due to recent surgery, continuing illness, or separation anxiety. (Many pets suffer from separation anxiety when their owner is gone for long periods of time.) Though we try to give your pets as much care and love as possible during our normal 30 minute visits, some pets need more. By having us stay overnight with your pet this greatly reduces the impact of you being gone so long. They get lots of extra attention and play time, making for a happier and healthier pet! Plus, if they are accustomed to sleeping with someone we don't mind that either!


    Pet Taxi - $18 and up - We offer round trip and one-way pet taxi service to the groomer, vet, doggy day care etc... We can either drop off your pet, or stay with them. If you would like us to wait on-site for your pet during appointments, we will gladly do so at our standard rate of $32/hour, pro-rated to the nearest quarter-hour increment. You must make arrangements with the destination personnel and let them know your pet sitter is dropping your pet off/picking them up. When we are dropping off or picking up your pet and it takes longer than 10 minutes to take or release custody of them, there will be an extra charge at our standard rate. To avoid extra charges please confirm with your vet/groomer that your pet, medication, paperwork and/or supplies will be ready when we arrive.

    Pet Taxi Rates:

    One-way trip pet taxi rate is $18 within 5 miles of your home. Add $3 for each additional mile.
    Round trip pet taxi rate is $36 within 5 miles of your home. Add $3 for each additional mile each way.

    To order pet taxi service please contact us at least 24 hours in advance. Availability of the pet taxi service may be limited. You must supply any crates/carriers if needed.


    Horse Care - We are experienced with all types of horses from breeding stock and show horses to senior citizens and pleasure horses. Most importantly we are able to recognize and respond early to situations such as colic, founder and lameness. Our service includes feeding, watering, cleaning stalls, applying blankets and fly spray. We can also apply leg bandages, treat wounds and administer medications. If you have other horse care needs, please give us a call.

    Advanced Pet Sitting Services, LLC

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