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Aunt Jeanne - Pet Nanny
Jeanne Rylatt
990 Everett Street
Lakewood, CO 80215
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    Aunt Jenne Pet Nanny

    Services & Fess

    Our service is tailored to suit you and your pets special needs All of the pets in my care get lots of petting, scratches and hugs

    I believe that when you cannot take care of your pets yourself, they should be in a caring, loving and comfortable place with human interaction and touch to alleviate separation anxiety and fear. 

    Even if you don't have pets, I am available as a house sitter also

    Pet Sitting 

    • Your house
    • Human Companionship, with lots of play, hugs and kisses on the nose!  
    • Food and fresh water.  Dishes cleaned after each use.
      Potty break and play time
    • Bring in mail &  newspaper, water plants and adjust blinds and drapes.
    • "Poop Scoop" daily (weather permiting)
    • $16/visit
    • $60/overnight stays 7:00pm til 7:00am
    • $75/overnight stay with a mid-day visit.
    • We charge 0.58/mi if out side of our 5mi radius
    • Dog walking with this service is and extra charge
    My House  - "Just Like Home" Boarding
  • Lots of one on one attention from me & Playtime with other dogs of the same size. 
  • Large grassy yard (cleaned several times per day) for playing and potty
  • Your dog is treated like one of the family
  • Daily walks weather permitting
  • $20/day
  • $15/day for 2nd dog in the same family
  • $25/day for dogs over 50lbs
  • $30/day for dogs over 75lbs 
  • $5/day exta for all intact dogs
  • Bring enough food for your dog's stay. Please do not bring bowls.  I have plenty of bowls for them. 
  • We require up to date vaccine (including kennel cough vaccine) records from your vet. 

    Your dog must be well socialized with other dogs.

    Your dog(s) must be crate trained or at least be able to be confined.  The dogs are all fed in their crates so that I know what each dog is eating... (and to keep them from eating eachother's food. "grin")  Also, they must be able to be confined while I am cleaning the floors.  

    Our Boarding is very limited. (2-3 dogs depending on size) If this is a service you are considering... please make a reservation as soon as you know your plans... to make sure of our availability. Drop off and pick up by appointment only. Since I do house calls, also...Please call before... 720.301.6051

    Day Care  

    Your dogs gets to play and interact with other dogs.  We play ball and do other fun things depending on the weather.
    (I am in the process of putting together a small agility course which is so much fun for the dogs and to see them "get it" is the most fun!!)


    7:30am - 5:30pm 
    Weekdays only

    Our Day Care is, also, very limited. (2-3 small dogs only) If this is a service you are interested in... please call for availability. Drop off and pick up by appointment only. Since I do house calls, also...Please call before... 720.301.6051

    Cats  (Your House)

    • Human Companionship - if he or she wants it :-) You know how cats can be... (our cats bug you to death to be petted)
    • Food & Fresh Water
    • Clean Dishes
    • Clean Litter Box
    • Bring mail and newspapers in & water plants
    • $16/visit 
    • One visit/day is usually enough for Cats.
    • I charge 0.58/mi if out side our 5 mile radius

    My House
    $10/day if your cat needs medication

    • Your kitty will feel pampered in our quiet Victorian Bed Room and have lots of one on one attention while staying with us.

    Mid-Day Visits Do you work long hours?  Do you have a new puppy or an older dog that needs some human companionship and to be let out mid day?   Why not let  me check on your pet(s) mid-day?   I will let them out to play, exercise and potty. 

    (I also, do a quick poop scoop)

      •  $16/visit  

    Dog Walking     A tired dog is a "good dog."  Dogs love a midday walk.  Why not let us take your dog for a walk while you are at work? 

    • $16  1/2 hr  (1 to 3 walks per week)
    • $15  1/2 hr   (4 to 5 walks per week)

    1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 day/week Schedules Available
    (5% discount if paid monthly)

    House Sitting

    Now days with security issues it is very comforting to know that a professional is taking care of your home while you are away.  I bring in the newspaper, mail and any fliers on the door.  I do minor plant care. Get trash out on trash day and adjust lights and drapes to give your home a more lived in appearance while you are gone.

    • $15/visit (additional requests priced accordingly)
    Special Services
    • Pet Taxi

    Pet Taxi Service (Boarding Pickup or delivery back home)  $15/minimum charge

    • Vet or other transportation
      • See Pet Taxi page for more information regarding Airport Transportation or Pickup
      • Minimum charge for this service is $75
  • Care for pets recovering from surgery or illness
  • Whelping Assistance... call for information
  • Fees are based on the amount of time it takes me to take care of  your pets.and other service required.  I do charge $0.58 per mile if you are outside my 5 mile service radius. Our goal is to make your pets feel loved and cared for while you are away...

    Fees are subject to change because gas prices are always a concern. I do try to co-ordinate service areas to keep my prices low.

    Aunt Jenne Pet Nanny
    Services & Fess

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