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Michele Safcik
542 Newman Rd #12
Racine , WI 53406
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    Little Pals

    Pet Services

    Pet Sitting
    * Fresh Water
    * Scheduled Meals and Snacks                        
    *Administer medications if necessary
    *Potty Break
    *Walk (if weather conditions permit, If not we will play inside)
    *Basic training (sit, stay, no, down, stay, come, and lay)
    *Kitty Litter Cleaning/Change
    *Feed Fish/Birds
    *Daily report card
    *Individual playtime and interaction with your pets
    *Lots of Love and Positive Reinforcement
    *Pick up newspaper
    *Retrieve mail
    *Water Plants, lawn and garden
    *Alternate light, blinds, and curtains
    *Turn TV or Radio on or off
    *Moving trash/recyclables to and from curbside
    *Perform perimeter check around the residence
    *Check all screens, windows and doors
    **Requires at least a 48 hour

    Initial Consultation   (30-60 Minutes)
    Sign paperwork, answer questions, transfer keys, tour your home and get
    detailed instructions on how to take care of your pets.

    Hourly   (60 min)                                                           
    Good for multiple pets

    Extended   (45 min)
    Best for long walks, extra play, pets with special needs, and  lawn watering

    Regular   (30 min)      
    Supervised feedings, short walks,  and best for cats 1 visit a day

    Twice A Day   (Two 30 min visits)                               
    Three Times A Day (Two 30 min visits & one 15 min visit)
    For those Pets needing an extra potty break or two

    Sleep Overs  
     (8hrs during the night @ $68.00 and two potty breaks
    during the day @ $32.00)  Good for pets who don't like to sleep alone and
    lots of snuggle time.
    (Requires A 14 Day Notice
    )       $100.00
                  (No Sleep overs on Christmas Eve)

    Christmas Holiday Fee  
    An additional fee of $5.00 per visit will be charged.

    Late Fee
    if you are returning home later than your scheduled date there will
    be an additional $20.00 fee per day.

    Pet Taxi
    We will provide a ride to and from the groomers, obedience training,
    daycare, kennel, veterinarian or Pet Store.

    Pet Field Trips
    One hour field trips to the park for lots of exercise and socialization. (Price
    includes Pick Up, Driving Time, Drop Off and One Hour of Time at the Park)
    Pet Baths

    Pets will be brushed, ears cleaned, nails cut/filed, washed, and towel
    and/or blow-dried. These are done in your home, your tub with your
    Restrictions do apply.

    e will give pills or injections to all pets in need with the proper written
    instructions for that pet.  
     Instructions must be legible.  

       *No Multiple Pet Charge
             (For Pet Sitting Services)
             *No Travel Charge
             *No Holiday Charges
             (Except Christmas Day)
             *No Hidden Fees
             *No Cancellation Fees     
             *No Medication Fee     
             *No Contracts    

         House Sitting

    * Pick up newspaper                                                               $13.00
    * Retrieve mail
    * Water Plants
    * Alternate light, blinds, and curtains
    * Turn TV or Radio on or off
    * Moving trash/recyclables to and from curbside
    * Perform perimeter check around the residence
    * Check all screens, windows and doors

    Only requires a 24 hour notice

    Service Sitting                                                
    $10.00 an Hour
    Do you need some one to wait for the UPS, Fed Ex,
    Cable guy or Plumber? If so than this is the service for you.
    It is easy and convenient.

    Must have a 24 hour notice to arrange for key pick up and time.

    If the service man is there and gone before the 4 hour arrival time
    and an estimated work time I will refund you the difference. If he
    goes over you will receive a bill when I return your keys.  

    $40.00 deposit required upfront

    Little Pals
    Pet Services

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