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Mira Loma Pet Sitting Service
Dwain Hardwick
5772 West Homecoming Circle #D
Mira Loma, CA 91752
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    It's a Dog's Life Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Services

    Pet Sitting Services and rates

    Welcome to It's a Dog's Life Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Services.We specialize in providing Professional Experienced Pet sitting and Exercising services. We strive to make sure your pets are Healthy and Happy while your away.  

                                    We are Licensed, Bonded and insured
    Pet First Aid and C.P.R. Trained and Certified

    Initial booking consultation: 30 -90 minutes
    At this visit you and your pet can get to know us. Then we can discuss our services and what services you are in need of. If you decide that we fit your needs then we can tour your home while discussing detailed instructions on how to care for your pets and home, complete the necessary paperwork, answer questions and transfer keys. This required meeting will be scheduled at least 48 hours prior to service if possible.

    Regular visit: Minimum 30 minutes
    This is our most popular choice. Good for 1-2 pets, supervised feedings, give medication, bathroom breaks, playtime and walks. Most dogs will require 2-4 visits per day and cats are best with 1 visit per day.
    $18.50 per visit

    Extended visit: Minimum 45 minutes
    This option is best for multiple pet homes, long walks and pets with special diets or special needs.
    $23 per visit

    Value visit: 15 to 20 minutes
    Short visit can be used for a quick bathroom break, litter box cleaning, supervised feeding and some play and affection time.
    $15 per visit

    Drop in: 5 to 10 minutes
    This option can be for anything you request. Refill water bowls and food, quick bathroom break or give medication.
    $12 per visit

    All visits include Love and Affection!!!!!!

    Free services that come with the regular and extended visit:
    Home security check, bring in mail/newspaper, turn on/off lights, take out/in trash cans, turn on sprinklers, clean litter boxes and any pet potty accidents. We leave a daily log of your pets activities during our visit and can email you this log if you wish while you are away. Since we are Pet Tech Certified in pet first aid we can, with you and your pets permission, give a snout to tail assessment on the first and last visit.

    Important terms:
    Payment is due before service starts for first time clients. With permission, repeat clients may leave a check or cash and the completed service request at the first visit.
    there is a small additional fee for out of our service area. Fee depends on how far out of our service area you are. Call It's a Dog's Life for details.

    $5 off your first service for new customers only, with 3 or more visits paid.
    $5 credit for every referral!!!
    We offer discounts for week long or full time visits. Ask us how.
    10% discount for senior citizens

    Dog Walking Services and Rates

    Welcome to It's a Dog's Life Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Services.We specialize in providing Professional Experienced Pet sitting and Exercising services. We strive to make sure your pets are Healthy and Happy while your away.  
                                      We are Licensed, Bonded and Insured
                               Pet First Aid and C.P.R. trained and certified

    Are you gone all day working and commuting? It's a Dog's Life offers dog walking programs to keep your dog healthy and Happy while you are away. Exercise is vital to the physical and mental well being of your dog. many behavioral problems are caused by isolation, boredom and insufficient exercise. Choose one of our programs or we can customize a walking program to fit you and your dogs need. Prior to starting service, we provide a free in-home consultation for you and your pet.

    15 minute walk - $13                                        Weekly 5 day rates (any 5 days of the week)
    30 minute walk - $16                                        15 minute walk - $55
    45 minute walk - $19                                        30 minute walk - $75
    60 minute walk - $22                                        45 minute walk - $89
                                                                                       60 minute walk - $99

    Waggin tails: walk and train
    For the young puppy or adult dog who needs to work on manners while on their walks. We will work on basic obedience commands such as heel, sit, stay, down and come.
    30 minute walk and train - $22
    45 minute walk and train - $30
    60 minute walk and train - $37

    Power Paws: dog running
    These are specially tailored visits for the overweight dog who through a gradual mix of walking, jogging and running can help become a healthier and more active pet who will see his/her life span increase. Exercise will keep your dog healthy, happy and limit or stop any weight gain. This program also works well for high energy dogs and sporting breeds. It will help calm a dog with too much pent up energy. A tired dog is a good dog!!
    15 minutes - $16
    30 minutes - $21
    45 minutes - $26
    60 minutes - $31

    Puppy pilot program: puppy care
    Puppies have additional needs on top of exercise and relief; they need to learn how to behave and what is expected of them as well as proper socialization and reinforcement of positive behaviors. We will help your puppy by providing plenty of love and attention in your absence, keeping to your feeding schedule and reinforcing any training you are doing be it through a crate, wee wee pads etc... We will work with you, your vet and/or trainer to make sure your puppy is on track to grow up into a healthy happy well socialized adult.
    30 minutes - $18
    45 minutes - $24
    60 minutes - $29

    $5 off for first time clients with 3 walks paid.
    $5 credit for every referral
    10% discount for senior citizens

    Dogs would rather walk than anything else. Even for a dog living in a large backyard, if they don't have a chance to go out and explore the world by walking, it's just like living in a big kennel.

    It's a Dog's Life Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Services
    Pet Sitting Services and rates

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