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Portland Pet Sitting Service
Vicki Weisel
2644 SW Ravensview Dr
Portland, OR 97201
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    Ain't Misbehavin' Pet Care


    New/vacation clients: A payment of 50% of the estimated bill is due upon booking your pet care services. The remaining balance of bill will be due upon first day sits.

    • Established clients with daily or routine schedules will be given a billing option based on payment history.
    • Clients with history of late payment will be required to pay in advance "before service dates are secured."

    Estimated fees will be quoted at consultation, or when confirming a new appointment. Incremental fees for such services as emergency trips to Vets, food pickup, or accidental clean-up, etc. will be billed with payment due within five days of billing.

    Short-Notice Bookings:
    There will be a surcharge 25% of total bookings for less than a 24 hr notice.  Emergencies may be exempt from this fee (at the discretion of Ain’t Misbehavin’ Pet Care). 

    Changes to Bookings:
    There will be a surcharge 25% of total bookings for any changes to your reserved pet sits.  Emergencies may be exempt from this fee (at the discretion of Ain’t Misbehavin’ Pet Care).

    Cancellation terms:
    Cancellation fees are determined at the time of cancellation.  Please be aware that when you book our time, we may therefore turn away other business to reserve time for you. That time may not be recovered should you cancel.

    • Cancellations with less than 24 hr notice will result in billing for the full amount of the pet sits cancelled.
    • Cancellations between the time you booked your reservation and up to 48 hrs will result in a cancellation fee based on 25% of your total booking.

    Early returns:
    Please realize you are booking our time and we will reserve that time exclusively for you.  If you return early, we may not be able to recover that time with a new booking, so we offer no refunds or credits for early returns.

    Hours of standard services:
    Visits will be made between the hours of 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM. Time of arrivals will be determined for each pet sitting assignment.

    After Hour Visits:
    If you require pet visits outside of our standard hours of operation, we will make every attempt to accommodate your pet needs.  A surcharge fee of $5.00 per visit if the time is between 7:00 PM and 9:00 PM and $10 per visit if the time is between 9:00pm and 10:30pm.

    Subject to availability:
    All services are subject to Ain’t Misbehavin’ Pet Care availability and scheduling. We will make best efforts to accommodate all requests.

    Subject to change:
    Ain’t Misbehavin’ Pet Caree reserves the right to make changes to rates, fees, and terms & conditions without notice.

    Telephone reservations:
    This option is provided for in our service agreement in lieu of repeating the process of our initial meeting and requires your key on file. Please call 503-853-4480.

    Reservation confirmation:
    Always directly confirm your reservation with Ain’t Misbehavin’ Pet Care. This ensures that we won't miss your message and your pets care will continue uninterrupted.

    Extended absence:
    In the event you have to be away longer than planned it is mandatory that we hear from you! We will only accept extensions of service by direct confirmation. Your pet’s well-being depends on our communication.

    Minimum visits:
    All pets must be seen a minimum of once per day (for cats; birds; small animals) Dogs with no outdoor access will need a minimum of 2 times a day).

    Keys will be returned within seven days of the end of your service, in person or by certified mail. It is recommended your key remain in your Ain’t Misbehavin’ Pet Care file for convenience in future use of our service and to enable telephone reservations, thus avoiding future key pick up/drop off charges ($15.00).

    Checking in while away:
    You may call Ain’t Misbehain’ Pet Care between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM PST daily to check on your pet during your absence. Since we’re often out of the office, please leave a message and your call will be returned promptly.

    Return Home calls:
    Please remember to call when you have returned home safely! We ask that you do so within 30 minutes of your return. Otherwise, we may need to continue visiting to assure the safety and well-being of your pets. Additional trips will be added to your bill. Please call at ANY hour and leave a voice message that you have returned.

    Payment methods:
    Checks can be made payable to: Vicki Weisel.

    Returned check:
    A charge of $25 will be imposed for each check returned by the client's bank regardless of the reason.

    Late fees:
    If payment is not received in full within five calendar days of the invoice date, there will be a $15.00 late fee per month. If the outstanding amount is $100.00 or over, in addition to the $15.00 late fee, there will be interest charges on the total outstanding amount at the rate of 21.0% per annum, or 1.75% monthly.

    Collection proceedings:
    In the event it is necessary to initiate collection proceedings on the account, the client will be responsible for all legal fees and cost of collection

    Ain't Misbehavin' Pet Care

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