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11/16/2007 - Posted by:
The Peaks Pet Nanny, LLC
Phone: 973-601-3035
Alt. Phone: 973-601-3035
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    What Our "Human" Client's are Saying in Surveys, Thank You Cards & Emails...

    People get what they pay for, professionalism, organization, promptness, being dependable, dedication, training, knowledge, and someone that is accessible and returns calls.  Most of the pet sitters I've seen can't begin to even offer half of qualities The Peaks Pet Nanny encompasses! 

    Marcia - Lake Hopatcong

    I appreciate your efficiency and system and will recommend you anytime!  My children come and go…so I can't depend on them while I am away.

    Thank you for letting me depend on you! 

    Deb Sprung - Coldwell Banker, Randolph

     "I vacillate between it being our extraordinary good luck and divine intervention that we found you to care for our guys."

    Meredith & John - Newton   

    "Dear Renee,

    I wanted to thank you again for all you’ve done for the Moose and Company while we where gone. The cats were very content and relaxed when we came home. They were stress free and very happy. They all ate as usual and Moose and Chester stared at the door for awhile after eating waiting for you to show up. From reading your notes it looks like Chester may have had a breakthrough. I did not expect him to be so visible; I figured you would not see him at all. We are both so glad we found an organization like The Peaks Pet Nanny, and people like yourself that have so much concern for the well being of our "kids". You guys are great. We look forward to seeing you again (especially Moose, I think he really likes you!) and will continue to recommend you and the service. Thanks again".

    Steve, Linda, Moose, Chester and Poo - Randolph 

    “My dogs can stay in their own home and feel safe & protected. 

    They are very very happy in their own home. 

    I would not change a’re a wonderful Nanny!”

    Donna & Joe – Oak Ridge   

    “The service is prompt, caring & thorough. 

    The report cards I receive for my pet while I’m away are enjoyed and appreciated! 

    I value hearing about good behaviors and when my pet misbehaves."

    Fred - Sparta

     “Convenience, Trustworthy, Peace of Mind...

    knowing my pets are taken care of while I’m away."

    "Dear Gina,

    Thank you so much for making Penny part of the "Kindered Spirits" program. I can think of no better tribute to her memory.  The Humane Society is my favorite animal advocacy organization, particularly because of it's work with humane education.  As you know, Penny was a Humane ad dog during and after her shelter experience...  I found the report cards during her recuperation from surgery.  You were a wonderful friend to all of us!

    I hope you will keep in touch, and I know your business will flourishbecause of your deep understanding of the human - animal bond." 

    Max, Mary, Phoebi & Vincent - Hopatcong

    Renee does such a wonderful job. It makes me feel so good to know that I can come to work and not worry.  I am really glad my son's girlfriend found you guys... It has been a real Godsend for me to know that he is being so well taken care of."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


    Kate - Mine Hill 

    “The extra loving care & professionalism...  I never have to worry that our pets are not being taken care of.”

    Cathleen & Scott - Lake Hopatcong 


    Thank you again for caring for Merlin & Abby while we were away.  We are so glad to have someone we trust be able to care for our "kids" in a way that I know will be seamless for the kitties.  We also appreciate your willingness to provide updates via email or phone while we are away, which helps me worry less that all is well.  Thank you for all you do for us and our kids!"

    Angela & Chad - Oak Ridge

    “I like that The Peaks Pet Nanny is right here in the development.  Gina is a very nice person and is great with animals!”

    Sarah - Lake Hopatcong  

    "Thank heavens for our pet nanny...we don't know what we would do without Gina and her fantastic service."

    Mary - Sparta  

    "We love that we don't have to take our dog & cat to the kennel...we much rather have them safe & sound in their own home.  When we return from vacation, they are not traumatized from a kennel or from boarding them at some strange place with strange animals!"

    Joe - Rockaway

    "Gina was professional and pleasant from the first moment I spoke with her on the phone.  What a reliable and safe service to use!"

    Maria - Hopatcong 

    "I love how comfortable I feel leaving my pets in such great care."

    Sara - Augusta

    "We like everything about The Peaks Pet Nanny Service.  Gina is very caring and thoughtful & Pappu (my pet bird) loves her.  What we also really like is Gina's attantion to detail (big & small).

    Bijesh - Lake Hopatcong


    You are running a great business (in my opinion).  Moving here from NYC, I looked online for a dog walker not really expecting to find anything.  I found a very informative website, called and spoke with a very nice & efficient person who said they could start Monday!  Without The Peaks Pet Nanny we would have to seriously consider getting rid of Madra.  We cannot thank you enough for providing such loving service to Marda".

    Tamara & Jim - Lake Hopatcong

    "Congrats on "Woman's World" article!  I'm glad there are people like you to care for our beloved pets when we can't! Thank You!!"

    Cindy - Randolph

    "I like having a trusted person visit with my dogs.  My dogs are happy and content, I attribute that feeling to The Peaks Pet Nannies!  Keep up the good work!"

    Christine & Kent - Lake Hopatcong

    "The Peaks Pet Nanny is great!  Professional in everyway!"

    Carl & Karen - Sparta

    "The Peaks Pet Nanny is very organized - visiting my dog before the first visit and gathering all the important information about my dogs needs.  I always look forward to reading the "report cards".  I appreciate the loving care given to Roscoe and enjoy the helpful & great "Special Pet Gazette".  Thank you for your loving care". 

    Jane - Sparta

    "We are so happy we found you.  We can go away and know our babies are in good hands.  The Peaks Pet Nannies are very reliable and good to our pets". 

    Danielle & Bill - Hopatcong

    "You're always able to help me out of a jam...even if I call last minute!" 

    Laurel - Hopatcong

    "Trustworthy and knowledgeable!  I love the "Special Pet's a nice touch!"

    Jillian - Hopatcong

    "It's great piece of mind knowing my cats get great attention when I'm on business travel - thank you!"

    Ellen - Rockaway


    "The sitter put me at ease and made me feel very comfortable leaving my dog & house in her care.  There was no stress on the dog while we were both on vacation."


    Barbara - Hopatcong  


    "It's clear that Penny is really enjoying her visits with you. If she could do a report card, I have no doubt that you would get great reviews from her! 

    I am so grateful to Gina for working with Penny before, during and after her very serious cancer surgery.  Gina has a big, caring, wonderful heart.  Her business expertise works in favor of animals.  It is in their best interests that she remains successful".

    Mary - Hopatcong

    "Dear Lauren,

    Thanks so much for taking care of the crew for the extra day!  It was a harrowing experience (being stuck in the airport), but it was less so knowing my pets were in good, capable hands.  We will be seeing you again soon"!

    Rachel & Rob - Lake Mohawk


    "Dear Stefanie,

    Thank you for taking such good care of Winston and Emma. They seemed very happy when we came home. Wow, did they grow in two weeks!!! Thanks also for the nice report cards. We had a great time in Greece and it was even better knowing that they were in good hands and very comfortable with you. We will be planning some long weekends this summer and hope you will be around."

    Richard, Marja, Winston & Emma - Morristown

    "Dear Gina,

    Thanks so much, and please thank Leslie for me.  My babies were happy and relaxed when I got home, which makes me very happy.  Leslie obviously made them feel secure.  Thanks for all that you do!"

    Beth Ann - Vernon

    "Dear Gina & Renee,

    Thanks so much for sitting for Reese and Mocha while we were at our son's wedding. Renee immediately took to both Reese and our "flighty" Mocha.  They enjoyed the treats she brought for them.  The report card was a great touch and what customer service!"

    Bill & Pattie - Denville

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