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1/31/2010 - Posted by:
BED & BISCUIT: Where Dogs Run Free!
Phone: 845-246-6340
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BED & BISCUIT: Where Dogs Run Free!


Dear Shelley:
Thank you so much for caring for our little Parker while we were out of town.
As you know, we hate to leave him because he is such a sensitive little guy. I wanted to let you know that he was so content, so happy when we came to get him.   He is usually completely dehydrated and exhausted when we have left him at other kennels. In fact, we were most attracted to your service because you do not cage the dogs, and Parker is so sensitive to cages because he was abandoned as a puppy and when we adopted him he had been at the ASPCA in a cage, so I think that he thinks we are leaving him for good every time we leave him in a cage.
 I thought you would like to know that when we took him home the other day he was happy -- he had no anxiety, no excessive water drinking and he didn’t need to sleep for 24 hours before he was back to his usual self.
David and I could both tell that he was happy and content when he was with you. You did an excellent job with him. I think he really came to love you. We are so pleased with your care of our little boy. Thank you so much. I love that dog like he was my own child and I feel that you cared for him as well as I would have.
He LOVES the toy you gave him. He plays with it every day!!! We call it Crabby. Anyway, he loves it.
I always thought that Parker would only respond to David or myself, but I am so delighted that he was so taken with you. It makes me happy because I know that he does not fear abandonment when he is with you which tells me that you are worthy of his trust.
 Thank you again, your love for Parker is understood.
 Susan Schafer
 I am so sorry that I didn't write to you for the longest time.
 I came back to Japan and am living in Tokyo now.
 I didn't check this mail acct for ages and so here I am thrilled to
 find out that you still remember me!
 Max passed away on April 1st.  He was so good, Shelley.
He only suffered for the last 15 min of his life.
 He did lose his hair and muscles as time went by,
 but he ate and drank and went to the bathroom
 just like the other healthy dogs.
 We had a funeral in a Buddhist way, and a monk gave me prayer and
 it was a peaceful and beautiful ceremony.
 I want to thank you for being so kind and helpful at times of trouble.
 I also want to thank Max for making me find you, my special friend!
 All my love,
 Shelley - you will like this. When we came home yesterday, Rustam
 immediately scooped up his bear, and carried it around for quite a
 while, and then took it with him to bed at night! So his doggie heart
 must be in two places. And he thoroughly enjoyed his turkey treat.
 Many thanks for taking such good care of him. Will be in touch shortly
 about future dates.
 Take care and best,
Dear Shelley,
Thank you so very, very much for your loving care to our boy. I feel so
very good about leaving our golden treasure. I show everyone here, even
perfect strangers pictures of Ralph. I tell them about your BED & BISCUIT
and they are thrilled.  YOU ARE THE BEST !
 We are home and Ella is napping.  She was a little sad on the way home.
 We set up her bed on the back seat of the car for her, but she
 squished at the way over to lie on her blanket that smelled like your
 house.  We are thinking of spending a night or a weekend at a Bed and
 Breakfast sometime soon so that she can visit again!
 Thank you again!
 Hi Shelley,
 Hope all is well, Fox and I are thriving, I have recommended you previously but thought you may like to see how highly I appreciate the attention and care you gave Foxy.
 Take Care,
 Subject: RE: Bed & Biscuit dog boarding facility
 I am very happy to recommend Bed and Biscuit. I think it is important to remember that in order for a dog to enjoy and thrive in an 'open kennel' environment like Shelley runs they must be able to integrate with other dogs and not be aggressive - if your dog is good natured I would definitely book it into Bed and Biscuit.
 I had only had my shelter dog Foxy a couple of months when I boarded him there for ten days while I went to the UK for a wedding. I knew he would become very distressed in regular kennels with different handlers and lots of dogs, so was delighted when I found Bed and Biscuit. Shelley went out of her way to make him feel comfortable and get him to relax, with just five dogs at a time she has the time to give that extra special attention. It was a priority for me to leave him with someone who had the time and knowledge to make sure he was happy. Importantly for me too, I knew he was outside playing in the fresh air and Shelley was more than happy to send me e-mails and photos of Foxy, to put an anxious mothers fears to rest!!
 Foxy even looked healthier from all the fresh air and outdoor life and even came home with a couple of soft toy monkeys he had grown attached to! I would definitely put him there again in the future!!
 I am writing to you to let you know how much I applaud
 Shelly Davis and her services. She has been able to
 help me tremendously over the past year with my dog.
 I wouldn't allow anyone else to look after my dog. I
 know that my dog is in good hands while in her care.
 If she wasn't providing her services, I wouldn't have
 the chance to go to my home overseas.
 I travel over 2 hours to get to her house upstate, but
 even if I had to walk run or fly
 I wouldn't trust anyone else..
 My dog is ill.  He needs special medication, homemade
 dog food, and special attention.
 Shelly administers medicine to dogs and feeds home
 cooked food for their special
 needs. Not only does she have abundant knowledge of
 canine conventional
 medical issues, she gave me holistic advice on my
 dog's illness. She really cares for
 the animals and when you talk to her, it is obvious.
 No other kennels or dog sitters would go that far as
 to giving medication
 and unconditional love the way she does.
 I have been to her home twice this year. Her home is
 kept clean and when I was there,
 there were very few dogs. And this very important for
 us, dog owners, because we want
 her to give the right amount of attention to each dog.

 The first time I was there, only one other dog was
 being cared for besides mine.
 The second time, my dog was the only one. I have
 checked her facilities and yard,
 which were in mint condition.
 I truly appreciate her services, and hope that she
 will be there in the future.
 I am a neighbor of Shelley Davis. She loves animals very much. She also takes a great deal of pride in her home and the tranquility of the neighborhood.  I became aware of Shelly as I began to travel and needed a friend who would care for my pet as I would myself. Many people regard pets as inanimate possessions, to be shut aside and ignored when the need arises. Some people keep their animal chained outdoors 24/7. My golden retriever is a precious family member.  He travels everywhere with me as anyone I know will testify.  On those rare occasions when work takes me out of town, I usually cancel the opportunity, nevertheless there are those times I cannot and need someone who truly cares.      
 Shelly Davis is that person. I have visited “kennels” as well as had in home sitters, just for my dog.  Kennels invariably were very impersonal and cold.  I would never let a family member stay caged ever. Trustworthy home sitters are not easy to find. When I heard about Shelley I went for a visit. She also wanted to  “interview” my golden retriever.
 I have never been even interviewed for staying in a hotel, but here was Shelley who insisted on interviewing Ralph and myself.  I insisted on meeting her also, and visiting her home.  I sat in the yard and watched Ralph play with two or three doggies. She was insistent that it would never work because Ralph is unaltered.  I won’t  alter  an animal on the basis of animal cruelty.  She said unaltered males were usually aggressive and urinated to mark their territory. She also wanted to be sure Ralph was not a barker or howler. I never realized we might be turned down even though I would be paying her. We passed her “ third degree.”  I was pleased at her strictness, and the overall appearance of her home and fenced off private outside area, where doggies could play peacefully together. This was also a plus in my opinion because playing with other dogs is the best exercise. Shelley also cooked special recipes for her “guests” and let them sleep in her bedroom. In other words she pressed all the right buttons, and she truly loves all of her charges as her own children.  The animals in her charge are happy and secure.  They do not cause commotions, bark for attention or loneliness, act aggressive and do not destroy property.  A happy and content dog is a joy and its own reward sending positive vibrations through out. She also has strict rules about the small numbers of animals that she looks after, never more than a handful. Never more than five, and rarely six.
 Ralph actually jumps from my car and runs to her door in anticipation of his “sleepovers.” I still expect him to refuse, like so many dogs do when they realize you are leaving them behind. I almost regret leaving Ralph because he will have a better time than I will without him.
 Life is non-stop - I am about to go out of town until June 30 but wanted to touch base with you -  We want George to stay with you again, for our peace of mind while we are away.
 I will call you when I return on the 30th to confirm Georges stay.
 Thank you very much for your great care of our little one!
 Hi Shelley,
 Thank you so much for sending the t-shirt.
 Frany, is doing excellent and i have to say she is a changed doggy... It's as if you (or flurry) put a spell on her :)
 She is very social and i take her to the dog run everyday. I also changed my behavior completely and now even when i get a little bit nervous i just let her of her leash and she is just fine.
 She's made many new friends of all sizes and that makes me very happy.
 thank you so much for everything and know that next time we go on vacation Frany will definately stay with you...
Dear Shelley,
You have been a dream. Because of your research and networking I am hopeful today and extremely, extremely grateful to you.
Dear Aunt Shelley,
We will be there at TEN................. RALPH is very excited. We said your name yesterday and he jumped so high and darted to the car. I had to tell him.. "TOMORROW."
Dear Shelley,
We're flying back from Munich.
The time with you will be good for Dewey. We were all so pleased when he came back to us after our December trip, in such good spirits and full of confidence. Previously when he came home from sleep-away camp, he was attached to Grandma's hip for two weeks. The comparison makes me think that with you he got the attention and affection needed, and suffered a deficit of it at the former sleep-away home. We travel better knowing he is in good and loving care.
I will keep you posted on all travel plans. Thanks again for accommodating our fellow.
You are a darling !!!!
Thank you so very much for all your help,
support, concern, and kindness.
All your guidance saved Abby's life !!!
I am forever grateful !!
Thank you thank you thank you !
Abby is home tonight !
I will keep in touch and let you know how she is doing
Also, I will look into the wheels.
Thank again, i can't thank you enough.
Best wishes and love, Susan
Abby says, "Bark bark !"
(and you know that means thank you)!
Hi Shelley,
Coby sleeps with the toy you gave him, so I can say he miss you guys.
I see a lot of changes in him, for the better.
The first day he mostly slept. He don’t jump on me like he use to, thank to you.
Also I made him the food you started him and you right, he loves it. I'm going to keep him on that diet. He use to have bad breath but he don’t anymore. More kisses for us. Ha ha ha
Thanks you again and take care.
Edith and Coby
Hi Shelley,
I have no idea how you can make her feel so confident and she always has
the time of her life when she is with you. It makes us feel relieved and
very happy that she is having such a great time :)
Keep on having fun and thank you so much for loving our baby :)
Lots of barks from greece
Just want you to know that every time I mention your name or Flurrie, Asia jumps up on my sofa and looks out the window. She gets very excited at the thought of her vacation with you.
Thank you, Shelley.
And thank you for all that you gave to him (and to me). You were a wonderful "Other Mother" and you helped me so much. I was so afraid of how I was going to manage to take care of Seamus and work at my job, particularly when he would rip up my apartment during the day because he was so lonely. I put him in doggie day care for 13 years, never wanting him to be alone during the day. You were his true caretaker, and I love you for that.
Love Peter
Dear Shelley,
I want to thank you for your previous emails with information to help Sable. It’s difficult to report to you that we put Sable down last night. I wanted you to be among the first to know. In the past week she was really suffering.  Her passing was devastating but very peaceful and took place in the comfort of our apartment. There is a very sad void in our lives right now but we know we did the right thing. Attached are a couple of recent pictures of Sable before she really went down hill. You’ll recognize the bunny you gave her once - it’s been her favorite ever since.
Elisabeth and I both appreciate the love and devotion you showed Sable over the years. You were a good friend to her and made a great contribution to her wonderful life.
Thanks for everything,
Dear Shelley, We're flying back from Munich today. The time with you will be good for Dewey. We were all so pleased when he came back to us after our December trip, in such good spirits and full of confidence. Previously when he came home from sleep-away camp, he was attached to Grandma's hip for two weeks. The comparison makes me think that with you he got the attention and affection needed, and suffered a deficit of it at the former sleep-away home. We travel better knowing he is in good and loving care. I will keep you posted on all travel plans. Thanks again for accommodating our fellow. Cheers, Wil
I wanted to thank you so very much for caring for our Mugzy while we were away. We are especially appreciative of your taking him at the last possible minute. We were happy to be able to leave him in an environment where he would be able to be free to run around and not confined to a crate all day. We missed him greatly but upon returning found that he was happy.
We all would like to thank you ever so much. He plays with the toy you gave him all the time.
Your kindness is very much appreciated.
Esther Oliveras
Dear Shelley,
I can’t tell you how wonderful William seemed when he came home from staying with you! His whining is even better! And he slept for 3 days he was so exhausted from playing I think (and he was in excellent condition - fit, shiny coat, etc).
All the best,
Asia loves being with you so much I have no problem with her spending extra time with you. It's her vacation also. You should see her excitement when she spots John in the driveway. I'd swear that she remembers his car and knows where she is going.
Awww  Shelly! Thank you so much! I feel so lucky to have someone like you being with and loving puppy!!! Thanks again! Speak to you soon!
Good morning,
I want to thank you again for giving Asia such a wonderful vacation. People ask me all the time, "doesn't she act strangely after she comes home from missing you and the family and being in a strange place?" I always tell them that she both leaves here and comes home without missing a stride. She is happy when she goes away and is happy to come home. She acts no different when she returns because going to "Shelleys" is, for her, just spending time at her "other home". Until next time,
Lots of love,
Steve, Tina and Jennafer
Hi Shelly, i just wanted to thank you again for taking care of the 
boys. You have a wonderful home and i know they were well taken care 
of. Lori
I just wanted to take the time to let you know how much I appreciate all you did for us while you had Tewa: sending us that precious photo of her, your words about her reactions and bonding with you as well as you with her, her bonding with your other step-children and how well they were playing, and so much more that I was able to feel between the lines.
Leaving Tewa was extremely difficult for me, much more than I had anticipated.
By my age (60!) many of us have had significant and painful losses, I certainly have, and your generous sharing with me all of the above experiences Tewa was being privy to helped me so much.
You will be seeing her again because I feel you really care for her, and I know she loves you already.
I am so happy we found you Shelley! "A blessing on your head"...!
Dear Shelley,
I’m so sorry for not writing sooner - but once again, just wanted to say how happy William was when we got him back from his last stay with you. So cuddly, and very, very happy. I think he must really love being with you and all the other dogs.
Many thanks, and all the best,
Thank you! I can't even tell you how much we've missed our feisty little girl. You're the best Shelley!
Lily and Sandy
He obviously was extremely comfortable with you and Flurry. He came home to us with no separation anxiety evident whatsoever, no clinginess, no upset upon being left alone. Thanks so much for asking after him.
Cheers and warm regards,
Wil and Dewey
Thank you for your kind words and the great pictures too! We are so lucky to have you care for Conner. He was SO excited to see John that he pulled on his leash and jumped directly into John's car. We knew for sure then that he loved his time with you.
We can't wait to see our tired happy pup!

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