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9/14/2007 - Posted by:
Cindy Westen - Animal Connunicator
Phone: 760-533-4603
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    *    "After Joey had surgery, he didn't have long to live.  He wasn't doing well at all so days maybe a week.  After you worked with him, he was like a little kitten again!  Playing, bouncing around and happy up until the very day he died - months later.  It was remarkable.  Thank you." - Scott/ Veterinarian DVM; Louisiana

    *    "I wanted to give you an update.  I have to tell you that he is so much better!  I believe that just your talking to him and explaining certain things has helped him tremendously and made such a difference.  It has definitely calmed him down.  He seems so much more relaxed.  I can't begin to thank you enough.  I feel like we have reconnected or made a deeper connection.  I thank you so much for helping him and I share thoughts with each other.  I did give him a big hug like you asked and he smiled!!" - Liz; Oregon

    *    "Thank you for this information.  It was very accurate and helped us to understand [our dog and cat] in ways we never thought of before.  Explaining my health problems to him and why I cry really helped.  He said he was upset when this happens and didn't know what to do.  Telling him to just lie beside me so I can pet him will help, helped both of us.  Now he does come over to me when I cry, just lays down beside me to let me pet him and doesn't seem to get so upset about me.  Their responses were so precious and some just made us laugh." - Susie; California

    *    "Your reading of my cats was so incredible and awesome!  I'm actually speechless.  Really.  Your information has been so helpful in me understanding how they feel, what they want and need from me and how to make their lives happier.  Phantom never responded to her name before.  After your communication with her, now she does!  When I say your name to her she looks so deeply into my eyes and listens intently.  It's amazing.  I just didn’t expect anything like this.  I had no idea.  I can't thank you enough!" - Christine; California

    *   “It’s amazing.  He popped out of his cage and is crawling all over the place like I haven’t seen him do in awhile!  He looks like he is so happy I can’t thank you enough! You saw popcorn and you’re right.  Every time we make it, Cinnamon pops up.  Thank you so much.  You have such a wonderful gift.” - Lorayne; Seattle

    *   I did an intuitive scan on a dog and found heavy blockage in her front leg, middle back and just a little in her stomach-like a sick feeling.  A day later in response to my email I was told, “We took April to the vet.  She has to be operated on. The problem with the leg is a big bump and the vet said it does need to be removed alonged with another bump on her backside.  Thank you for your help.” - Sharon; CA

    *   “Lucky looks like he has lymphosarcoma. Just showed up under his arms first so what you saw around his front legs was really something.  After you talked with him and did healing he has not had any pain or screamed from his ruptured disk.  Thank you so much.” - Lorayne; Seattle


    *    "The reading Cindy did with Lobo was so enlightening, insightful and helpful!  It put me in touch with Lobo and what he is feeling and we have a greater sense of communication because of it.  Cindy is wonderful and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to "talk" with their pet!"  - Liz; Oregon

    *    " When I got my cat, Phantom, from the cat shelter, she was so beautiful, but so terribly afraid. She hid under the bed most of the time and would not let me touch her. Over the past two months, due to Cindy's communication with her, I learned about how Phantom had been abused. And with Cindy's reassurances [to Phantom], she has begun to trust me. She rarely goes under the bed anymore and let's me pet her more and more. Last week she even purred for the first time! Thank you Cindy - and thank God for this wondrous gift you have!"  - Christine; California

    *    "One of the most difficult decisions I have had to make in my life was the decision to have our beloved family dog Samantha put to sleep due to illness. I asked Cindy to speak with her, to ask her what her wishes were.  She did and the answers that were received confirmed her illness and pain and her desire not to hurt anymore.  Samantha also asked questions of Cindy so that she could understand the process.  This relieved her fear and uncertainty about the process and how it would happen.  That's also what it did for me.  Samantha still communicates to Cindy every once in a while to say just how happy and free she is and to tell me hello. Thank you so much Cindy for helping us in this process, you are truly are an angel." - Rev. J.R.; California

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