A Heart For Animals Pet Sitting---State of CO registered dog rescuer  
I have many years of combined experience in dog rescue and pet sitting. I am a State of Colorado registered dog rescuer. My adult son and I form a pet sitting team. One of us does the needed work, while the other gives full love and attention to your pets. We are insured. Also, we are non-smokers and can give excellent references. Our best reference comes from someone you can't call, the pets themselves. The greeting we get, when we go back to the home to return the key, is so happy and loving, The "owners" get to see the reaction the pets give us. As a rescue, I have made three appearances on Good Morning Colorado, each time talking about dog issues, such as spay/neuter and puppy mills. I had the honor of receiving a letter of recognition from, then First Lady Laura Bush. This was for my rescue work. I know I have focused on dogs, but we are also familiar with cats as we have one cat, whom we rescued from the streets. He was in very bad condition and we nursed him back to health. No one claimed him, so he has his forever home with us. It is faster reaching us by phone 719 380-1287, than by email, which I check once or twice a day. Thank you for your consideration, Mary Louise Simmons A Heart For Animals Pet Sitting Scottish Terrier Rescue of Colorado Springs  
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