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WA Pet Sitting Service
Shawna Maloney
13619 mukilteo speedway d5-582
lynnwood, WA 98087
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    Honest Pet Sitting & Dog Walking

    10% Off all services for new furry loving family's
    I am committed to providing you & your companions with the very best care possible. As a fellow pet owner I understand the need for reliable & professional service and believe that our little furry ones deserve the best quality of life that we can provide for them. You can rest assured that your furry children & your home are in the hands of a qualified, experienced animal lover, pet sitter & professional. I have prior professional experience, have been trained to recognize emergency symptoms, have furry children of my own & will treat your pet(s) as if they are one of my own. Whatever your pet care needs, Honest Pet Sitting is here to help! Contact us today to see how we can help make your life a little easier & allow you to go away worry-free!

    Pet Sitting  

    In home care is a stress free alternative for pets who don’t feel comfortable at a boarding facility or those needing limited exposure to other animals. Each visit will include a combination of activity and companionship with a familiar environment, This reduces indoor accidents and destructive behavior due to boredom. Daily visits ensure your pet’s comfort and safety when you can’t be with them.   

    Cat & Small Pet Visit   

    When you’re away, your (kitty or hamster, fish, birds or lizard) services can be provided at any time of the day. By having a pet sitter come care for your small indoor pet/pet’s, you’ll know that they’re watched, played with, fed, and that their litter box or living space is nice and clean.   

    Dog Walking Services   

    Is your pet a runner – or more the stroll and sniff type? private dog walks are perfect for the pet who needs “their own space”, this way they get the one-on-one personal attention they require for their individual needs. I will come to your home, leash up your furry friend and take them for a nice brisk walk to their favorite area. Your puppy will be doing a happy dance when your furry friend sees their pet sitter at your door, excited and ready for their long walk.    

    Peace of Mind Service                                                                                                                                                          

    Each trip includes the option of sending you a Peace of Mind e-mail or text to give you that added reassurance that everything Is ok. You can feel confident that your pet is in capable and caring hands. I care, and it shows. This will also help you keep track of my work to ensure that your standards are not only being met, but are being exceeded.   

    Potty Breaks   

    If your furry friend needs a quick 15 minute potty break, I can let them out for that purpose. This is a relief for your dog and provides you with peace of mind! Potty Breaks can be used for cats too! Services would include checking the litter, verifying that cats are safe, and making sure that your cat/dog have plenty of food and water throughout the day.   

    Puppy Care   

    How cute, a new puppy. “Oh, don’t do that. Oh, don’t chew that. Oh my, how often do they go?” I understand, Love ‘em, every silly bit of mischievous fur ball that they are, but it takes a lot to raise a puppy and be there for them all the time. If your puppy is left alone too long it could get ugly. Not to worry, Honest Pet Sitting can help! Your skilled and experienced pet sitter will come into your home and work with your pup to become a responsible pet-izen. I will take them into a safe area , work off that extra energy, and keep them smiling all day long. Together, we’ll create a customized plan that works for you and your new bundle of silliness. Congradulations on the new baby.In-Your-Home Doggy Baths                                                                                                                                                  

    Does your dog like to roll around in the dirt? I’ve got you covered here, Let me know if your pet is due for a little rub-a-dub-dub, and I will come take care of it for you. Whether you want your pet refreshed after a daily outing, or you just want me to stop by and give your furry friend a special pet bath, I’m ready to take care of the dirty work.   

    Food And Medication Pickup   

    I provide food and medication pickup for your pets at your vet/pet store. I know you’re busy. There aren’t always enough hours in the day to get your pet their food and supplies. I want to make sure your pantry and their tummies don’t go empty. I am happy to pick up the pet supplies and food you need to keep your pets happy, healthy, and with lots of yummy food in their tummies (Don’t forget about that special squeaky toy that I could pick up for you).   

    Over Night Pet Sitting/House Sitting   

    When your travel plans do not include your friend, I stay at your home keeping your pets company and your house occupied . This will provide you with peace of mind, your pet will enjoy all the comforts of home with minimal disturbance to their daily routines. Sleepover hours vary to accommodate your needs.   

    Each overnight visit includes: Morning/Evening walks – unlimited potty breaks – Food and water replenished – Playtime and affection – Litter box cleaning – Daily notes by E-mail, Text, Phone Call – Rotating blinds and lighting to give your house the live in look - Bring in mail & Newspaper, Water plants. ” Additional charges may apply to a large amount of plants”   

    Yard Poop Scoop Clean Up   

    When your pet does its business, I will scoop that poop and keep your yard clean and sanitary. I can come to your home on a daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly basis – your call. Your yard will be happy, your children will be happy, you’ll be happy and I am happy to assist.   

    Honest Pet Sitting & Dog Walking
    WA Pet Sitting Service

    Myka and Mark, Everett, WA

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